OSL Philanthropy for Social Development

OSL philanthropy is the intentional, direct donation of OSL’s time or money to support international and domestic development. In the OSL community, philanthropy is not a novel concept. OSL contributes to Sri Lanka in a number of ways, focusing mostly on families, but also helping poor and vulnerable populations, rebuilding communities that were damaged by the tsunami, supporting alma maters and student scholarships, and addressing the factors that contribute to poverty and vulnerability in Sri Lanka. OSL has consistently provided significant contributions in this area to Sri Lanka’s needs, such as after the Tsunami, COVID-19, and most recent economic difficulties. Policy Objective: OSL charitable donations for social development initiatives with a focus on healthcare and education



  • Establish areas of priority for OSL contributions.
  • Target and enlist the support of OSL members.
  • Identify specialized expertise for providing services and mobilizing contributions identified for priority areas.
  • Identify volunteers to lead OSL task forces or action teams.
  • Establish protocols for accreditation of OSL members providing services and for shipment and customs duty exemption for equipment and supplies contributed by the OSL.



  • Ease of OSL making contributions to Sri Lanka
  • Contribution of technical and professional expertise by members of the OSL
  • Contributions of equipment and supplies from the OSL for areas of greatest need in the areas of healthcare and education