OOSLA - connecting Overseas Sri Lankans with motherland We enable a wide range of services to all OSLs worldwide in our capacity as the Central Coordination Agency for Engagement with OSLs in collaboration with more than 23 Government Stakeholders. FIND PROJECT CONTACT US Invest in Sri Lanka's future In order to assist the Government's goal of "making a new reformist path of building a prosperous Sri Lanka by 2048," OOSLA actively seeks out ways that OSLs can contribute to this goal. FIND PROJECT CONTACT US The two-way engagement of OSLs and the Government will be an integral part of its journey to emerge as a knowledge hub in Asia. Journey towards making Sri Lanka the knowledge hub in Asia FIND PROJECT CONTACT US


In order to support the Government's vision of "making a new reformist path of building a prosperous Sri Lanka by 2048," OOSLA actively looks for methods that OSLs can collaborate on this endeavor through their expertise, investments, remittances, and voluntarism. We also provide assistance in the following areas;

Consular Services

Find useful information and guide to your consular queries

Trade & Investments

Your convenient guide to find the best potential for investment and Trade in Sri Lanka


Explore the serendipity and walk back to your roots.


Connect and support your community, country needs you.

Education, R&D

Offer your knowledge, skills & expertise back to your country. Find an ideal space to study, Intern, research, & explore


"We are Sri Lankans"

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Email us : oosla@presidentsoffice.lk


As the Central Coordination Agency for engagement with OSLs, we facilitate a broad range of services to all OSLs across the world, in partnership with over 23 Government Stakeholders. If you are a Sri Lankan passport holder currently living overseas, a Sri Lankan born person with dual nationality or naturalised in your country of domicile, a decedent of Sri Lankan born person, we invite you to connect with us.

Welcome to OOSLA

The Office for Overseas Sri Lankan Affairs is a dedicated new entity established in January 2023 under the Office of the President, as per his vision to intensify the engagement with all Overseas Sri Lankans. An estimated total of 3 million people of Sri Lankan origin are now living and working in host countries around the world. While making immense contribution towards the socio-economic progress of their countries of domicile, these OSLs also look for opportunities to support their communities back in Sri Lanka.

Driven by a service oriented mindset, OOSLA welcomes all those OSLs with warmth, friendship and a deep collaborative spirit. We invite you to connect with the motherland for a renewed path of change that we all aspire Sri Lanka to traverse.