Trade and Investment

Sri Lanka is a well-known trading center for all time due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, which it shares with trade routes running from the East to the West. Over the past six decades, Sri Lanka’s international commercial relations have seen significant transformation. In general, it is a tale of adopting an outward-oriented trade regime, punctuated with brief times when it looked inwards, in order to increase international market access for its goods and services on the bilateral, regional, and multilateral fronts.

Trade and investment are more closely tied to national development. The Office for Overseas Sri Lankan Affairs (OOSLA) can create a framework to entice investment from OSL to make their significant contribution to Sri Lanka’s growth as a central point of coordination. OSLs will gain satisfaction by serving their motherland as an active citizen of Sri Lanka.

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1.Board of Investment
Sri Lanka is strategically located at the crossroads of major shipping routes to South Asia, the Far East, and the continents of Europe and America. Home to one of the Top 25 Container Ports in the World, the country is a key port of call for shipping lines and airfreight services. Further, Sri Lanka’s proximity to the Indian sub-continent positions the country as a gateway to a market of 1.9 billion people in South Asia alone. These factors combined, generate keen interest for Sri Lanka as a preferred investment destination in the region. Click Here :

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Opportunities available in the following sectors

  • ICT & knowledge services
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Agriculture
  • Services , utilities.
  • Manufacturing
  • Textiles and Apparels
  • Infrastructure

The Ceylon Chamber of CommerceClick Here

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce continues its uninterrupted record of yeoman service to Sri Lanka’s private sector.

In addition to maintaining focus on the nation’s SME and startup sectors during the last year, the Government has been committed to identifying and utilizing current and future trends to support a vibrant business climate.

Centre for SME s established at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Click Here

National Chamber of Exports of Sri Lanka
National Chamber of Exports of Sri Lanka works to create a dynamic Export Sector in Sri Lanka to meet its Socio-Economic challenges through value creation for Sustainable Development and enhance foreign exchange earnings. Click Here/

The National Chamber of Commerce
The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) was founded in 1948 soon after Sri Lanka gained independence from British Colonial Rule primarily, for the purpose of establishing a forum for the Sri Lankan business community. The foremost objective of the Chamber at that time was the Colonization of trade, as the policy climate was not quite conducive to national interests.Link 1 / Link2/

Ministry of Finance Click Here

Ministry of Trade, commerce and food securityClick Here

Export Development Board of Sri Lanka ( EDB )

Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB) is Sri Lanka’s premier organization for the development and promotion of exports, established in 1979 under the Sri Lanka Export Development Act No. 40, under the influence and guidance of the International Trade Center (ITC) and the United Nations Conference on Development of Trade & Tariffs (UNCTAD).

It is SriLankas Apex organization for Export Promotions, Mandate Click Here

For Information on

  • Foreign Buyers
  • Sri Lankan Exporters
  • Opportunities with EDB Click Here Exporters’ Directory, A Gateway To Sri Lankan Trade & Industry. Click Here
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  • For Sri Lankan Exporters

Investor Relations Unit (IRU) of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Agency

The Investor Relations Unit (IRU) is the centralized facilitation and promotion centre established within SLTDA to assist potential tourism investors interested in investing in Sri Lanka Tourism. IRU is a one-stop location and point of contact for investors seeking information and assistance on the tourism investments. Specialized staff of IRU are in collaboration all project approving government agencies to help investors to make their investment project a reality.Click Here